Artsnight – a weekly 30 minute arts and culture magazine show for BBC Two, made by BBC Arts. Each week’s special is curated and guest presented by a different major player in contemporary British culture.

  • BBC / BBC2
  • Director - Georgina Leslie


Tim Shaw teams up with daredevil Buddy Munro to recreate “hilarious and terrifying” acts that originally appeared online, and to investigate the real-life science behind them.

The Queen’s Big Night Out

The remarkable true story, from VE day in 1945, of when the future Queen Elizabeth and Princess Margaret slipped out of Buckingham Palace to celebrate in secret with the public on London’s streets.

Drinking With…

Seventy-seven-year-old drinks connoisseur Ross Harvey loves meeting new people and trying new things. In the series, he explores six different cultures over a drink with members of the group.

  • Spirit Digital / 4OD
  • Director - Matt Campion

Portillo’s State Secrets

Michael Portillo unearths previously classified documents from The National Archives, discovering fascinating facts about Britain’s past.

  • BBC / BBC 2
  • Director - John O'Kane

Britain’s Greatest Generation

A film dedicated to telling the stories of men and women in their 80s, 90s and 100s. From childhood to war; romance to retirement – this generation has experienced the most radical amount of change within their lifetime than any other. Their memories and values are hugely important for educating and inspiring our future generations.

  • Testimony Films / BBC2
  • Director - Steve Humphries

Laverstoke Mill

Documentary following the redevelopment of a Victorian paper mill in Hampshire into Bombay Sapphire’s state of the art gin distillery.

  • Renegade / Channel 4
  • Director - Theo Williams

RedBull – Wings for Life

Documentary that focuses on a few participants around the world that took part in RedBull’s Wings for Life Marathon.

The Wings for Life World Run is an entirely new type of event never before seen or undertaken in either running or any other sporting field. It is a truly global adventure, encompassing 34 locations, in which everyone runs at the very same time all over the world.

Digging for Britain – Series 3

Ongoing archaeology programme following some of the years biggest digs and finds across the country – hosted by Dr. Alice Roberts

  • 360 Productions / BBC4
  • Director - Bernadette Ross

Ali and Nino Documentary

Documentary to support the upcoming film release Ali and Nino.

The documentary weaves history into images of contemporary life in Azerbaijan, where these connect to the time of Ali and Nino, and where possible draw on present-day elements of social, cultural and religious life in Azerbaijan to reflect the spirit of the peoples who live there. The aim is to make the history feel fresh and relevant to audiences unfamiliar with the world that Ali and Nino inhabited, and show their history as a continuous flow into the present. 


  • N/A
  • Director - Teresa Cherfas