Britain’s Ancient Tracks with Tony Robinson

A new series starring Tony Robinson exploring ancient pathways and trade routes across England.

  • Doubleband Films / Channel 4
  • Director - Brian Henry Martin

Britain’s Favourite Superheroes

Entertaining show packed with clips and interviews celebrating the greatest movie superheroes of all time, charting how they made the leap from the pages of comic books to cinema screens

  • Yeti TV / Channel 4
  • Director - Paul Symonds

The Supervet

The series sees Noel work on some of the hardest-to-cure pets from across the country receive cutting-edge treatments and surgery from Noel and his team, as they attempt to cure pets that might otherwise be beyond saving.

  • Blast! Films / Channel 4
  • Director - Sophie Waldron

Lost World of Pompeii

LOST WORLD OF POMPEII merges technology with history to reveal a clearer picture of what exactly happened on that day, thousands of years ago when the volcano erupted. The special features a group of experts from around the world who are leading teams of archaeologists, volcanologists, architects and scientists to search for new evidence on what life was like before the day of Vesuvius’s deadly eruption.

The Mystery of Van Gogh’s Ear

Documentary about the life of Van Gogh presented by Jeremy Paxman.

  • Lion TV / BBC2
  • Director - Jack Macinnes

A Frozen Christmas

The luxury business of decorative ice is booming, with ice sculptures as a festive status symbol for the wealthy. This programme meets the people who work in a winter wonderland all year round.

  • Avanti Media / Channel 4
  • Director - Zoe Russell - Stretten

A Place in the Sun

Property experts help househunters to find their dream homes around the world.

  • Freeform / Channel 4
  • Dir - Various

Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is

Television’s top consumer experts are put to the test as they’re pitted against one another and challenged to make a profit – with their own money and their reputations on the line.

  • Reef TV / BBC
  • Director - Various

Desi Rascals

Desi Rascals chronicles the lives of a multi-generational cast within the British Asian community of London.

  • Buccaneer / Sky
  • Director - Various

Find My First Love

FIND MY FIRST LOVE follows one lovesick man or woman on a rollercoaster journey to reconnect with a lost love. Will the spark still be there, will they even recognize you, or perhaps the object of your long-held affection has been harboring the same thoughts and runs crying into your arms? From the high-school sweetheart that moved away 20 years ago, to the holiday romance that fizzled because you lost each other’s email addresses; this is an emotional treasure hunt that will resonate with old and young alike. Journalist, blogger and hopeless romantic Cherry Healey, hosts.

  • Nerd TV / FYI
  • Director - Alison Kagan